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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Short Stories Alive and Well--Online

As our friend over at BookFox posted, storySouth has announced its Million Writers Award Notable Short Stories of 2007.  For all of you disheartened at the state of the short story, it's worth a trip over to read the links of some of the finest short fiction published on the web.  


Anonymous said...

I love that this award exists! It's a good way to show all those American Best Short Story snobs that the Internet is a viable venue for quality fiction. I think there are some really great stories on this list. I'm much happier reading these than I am reading VQR stories.

Seems to me that Genoways got a little free advertising out of LROD. (You shouldn't have posted his b.s. in a feature posting; it just encourages him.)

Anonymous said...

On a similar note, Dzanc Press has compiled a best of the web anthology that comes out in print form sometime this summer. It was guest-edited by Steve Almond.
If anyone's curious, the website is here: