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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Are Your Stats?

A very industrious anonymous LROD reader, sent in these impressive rejection stats:

Total Career Figures

@ 283A-0M-729R
out of 1009 responses

As of May 17th, 2008

Total Submitted: 1572
Total A/R/M: 1009
Total Resolved: 1457
Total Pending: 134
Acceptances: 283
Rejections: 729
Maybes: 0
Rescinsions (RC): 228
Returns (RT):
Accept Percent: 26.08%
Reject Percent: 74.97%
Return(RT+ARM): 20.01%
Rescind(RC+ARM): 17.74%

Total Accepted: 552
Total Novel: 1
Total Fiction: 3
Total Spoken: 9
Total Graphic: 3
Essays: 2


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a numbers game. But the numbers don't add up. 4fictions + 9 spoken + 3 graphic + 2 essays = 18. But he says 552 accepted. Where are the other 534, holding over O'Hare? But how prolific! Or did he submit the same 18 pieces 1,572 times?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

poems! what they heck does that mean? how many poems did T. S.
Eliot write?

Anonymous said...

Mysterious. I wonder if the 552 includes all accepted letters - I mean those written to family and friends. Or perhaps it refers to social acceptances. If it were poems, wouldn't poems be on the list? I'd have put them below fiction but above graphic. But hey, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

283 individual acceptances, some of which picked up more than one single piece of writing, creating 552 total works taken for print, encompassing 1 novel, 3 short stories, 9 spoken word tracks, 3 pieces of graphic art, 2 essays, and 534 poems.

Poems weren't on the list because they're what the chart is all about. The other things in the list were small extras, side-projects, so given mention at the bottom. These stats are primarily about the poems. The title of the file is "Figures - Poetry".

[But how prolific! Or did he submit the same 18 pieces 1,572 times?]

No use of simutaneous submission.