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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Junker v. Genoways

Looks like now the editors of VQR  (Ted Genowasy) and Zyzzyva (Howard Junker) are going at each other.  Have a read here.  What I love is how Genoways, who has apologized for ridiculing slush pile writers, cannot pass a chance to justify his actions.  Funny.  Says Genoways of Junker, who has claimed to be shocked at VQR's offensive comments:  "Of course, two weeks ago—on the Zyzzyva blog—Junker likened his own slush pile to a “barrel of crap” and a week before that compared it to John Bunyan’s “slough of despond.” (For those of you not up on your Pilgrim’s Progress, one scholar cited on Wikipedia explains that it is 'the low ground where the scum and filth of a guilty conscience, caused by conviction of sin, continually gather.')"  Oh dear.  To me they seem so alike that they should be at a bar having a drink, not pummeling each other in public.  But what do I know?


Anonymous said...

TG keeps this up and I'm going to have to renew my subscription! "...literature pickled in formaldehyde.."
Got a pickle? Remember the Rascals movie? "I've got a pickle; I've got a pickle."

K said...

you're a day behind. genoways getw really worked up in today's blog. but i demolish him again.

btw, zyzzyva is all caps italic.

howard junker

Anonymous said...

don't see the 2nd demo... just something about lemon cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

or maybe they were lemon pickles?

rmellis said...

This is so great. I feel like I'm getting to know these guys -- like they have editorial personalities. I love it.

This blog is the best!!!!

E. said...

Yes, they're showing their personalities all right.

But now Junker is accusing Genoways (on the VQR blog) of deleting one of his posts... I don't know which post he's talking about; looks like they're all there, intact.

I think Genoways must have spent a scary lot of time googling "junker and slush pile and VQR" to unearth the tidbits; meantime the slush pile languishes (but no simsubs allowed!).

And Junker's rejoinders? The equivalent of, "So's your face!"

I feel embarrassed by the childish sniping, and I have nothing to do with either of them or their journals.


Anonymous said...

pyelch isn't defined yet.
but zYzZyVa is (stress on caps):
who knew?
1. zyzzyva 23 up, 1 down
n. 1. The tropical American weevils of the genus Zyzzyva which are destructive to plants. 2. The last word in the dictionary. 3. The last word (in a conversation or argument).
v. To get the last word.
Now who got the zyzzyva?
I got the zyzzyva.
by Miryam Websta Apr 25, 2004 email it
2. zyzzyva 6 up, 8 down
a journal of west coast writers & artists published in san francisco since 1985.
i would like to subscribe to zyzzyva. by howard junker Jun 16, 2004 email it

Anonymous said...

i like you puc.

Anonymous said...

A wee bit defensive, are we?

Writer, Rejected said...

Yeah, I love that he comes around to tell me how to cap and italicize the name of his journal. That cracks me up.