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Friday, May 16, 2008

Not You, Not Ever

Announces its Spring 2008 issue now available online and featuring:

Richard Bausch         Italy, Winter 1944
Lisa Cupolo               Bread
Louise Jarvis Flynn A Windfall
Barry Gifford            The Age of Fable
Jeanie Kortum         Stones
Reese Kwon              Superhero
Mattox Roesch        All the Way Rider
Holly Wilson           Where’s the Beauty, Jimmy?


Matthew Dickman
Mike O’Connor
Alberto Álvaro Ríos
Jennifer Tonge

Lynn Ahrens        Going Hollywood
Rick Bass             Oil
Tom Grimes       The Leash
Donald Hall        Gaudeamus Igitur

Marvin Bell
Amy Bloom
T. Coraghessan Boyle
Robert Olen Butler
Stuart Dybek
David Guterson
Jim Harrison
Min Jin Lee
Cynthia Ozick
Jane Smiley
Ayelet Waldman
and many others

Stephen Crane     The Blue Hotel

Go to

The Narrative First-Person Story Contest, with $7,000 in prizes,
is accepting entries of fiction and nonfiction. Entry deadline: July 31.

Note From W,R:  This came today, following an email from earlier in the week with fabulous photographs of a very fancy party and all the literati smiling like fat cats.  As for this announcement, though, what's with the works in progress?  They won't publish your finished masterpiece, but they will publish the mindless scraps of famous writers.  Oh boy, that's taking reality too far.  I like the finished products, thank you. And, also many others? How many others?  Who's left? (Besides you and me, that is.)


Anonymous said...

I know this is a lit. blog (sort of), but let's do some math: Let's take VQR's quarterly slush pile of 7,000 manuscripts and assume Narrative gets as many. But Narrative charges you for their rejections. 7,000 x 4 quarters x $20 = $560,000. Half a million kisses! And for what? What's it cost to run a website?

Writer, Rejected said...

Right? They are smart, greedy peeps.

Anonymous said...

It's a pyramid scheme. Reading fees are a scam. I can't believe T. Boyle is a part of this. Has he forgotten his roots? And Cynthia? And does Don Hall really need another venue? They are building this on the broken backs of wannabe writers. Writer beware! The only way they can right this is by adding a section they might call "From the Slush Pile," and let it rip, but the slush pile section should be as long as the other sections. And let them invite their readers to dine at the trough of the slush pile beggar's banquet. Samizdat! Enuf of that.

Anonymous said...

All the celebrity writers who put their name to this are guilty. We'll never hear about it though. Don't think the academic journals aren't looking to them as their role models. Don't expect the current system to continue forever. It's changing as we speak. Surely some readers here know what I'm talking about. There's a lot of money to be made at this.