Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Janet Maslin Does James Frey

Everyone is in a tizzy about Janet Maslin's review of James Frey's new book Bright Shiny Morning. (By everyone I mean Galley Cat and New York Observer.) Maslin writes the entire review in an imitation of Frey's style:

He wrote a book but it was bad, liar bad, faker bad, it got him in trouble. A million little pieces. It was the name of the book. It was also how hard he got hit. He had to sit there on the couch. Everybody saw. The television celebrity book club woman got mad, she let him have it. He had to sit there on the couch. He squirmed, he cringed. Everybody watched, everybody blamed him. Then it was over. Then he was gone.

He waited. They forgot about him. He tried again.

The review goes on.  It is a rave.  It is clever.  Whatever.

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Anonymous said...

The guy will always be a star, even if he is a liar. People give David Sedaris grief for his "real-ish" comment, but at least he's honest.