Monday, May 5, 2008

A Sign of the Times? A Beginning of the End?

After a 10-year reign as king of books, Peter W. Olson has been pressured to step down as the CEO of Random House for falling short on profits.  Oh dear, my friends.  I fear the meaning of this for the future of books.  Perhaps we have come to the edge?  

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richard savage said...

I'm singing no sad songs for Peter W. Olson. No. What has he done for us? What has Random House looked like during his tenure? What have they published?

Random House, of the once-great, affordable Modern Library. I've seen what that series has turned into; ugly paperbacks and shoddy merch. Only the name remains. Just like Random House itself. Why bother anymore?

I say erase and start over. Bye bye, Random House. It's time for new names.