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Friday, June 15, 2007

Alice Munro, Rejected

In 1998, Dinitia Smith wrote a feature on Canadian short-story writer Alice Munro for the New York Times. In the article is this quote by Alice Munro's husband: "Quite early she used to send stories to The New Yorker," Mr. Munro remembered recently. "They came back so fast," he said, that she had the feeling that some one's job was just to send them back. No kidding. I once had a full-on rejection love affair with a New Yorker Editor named Field Maloney. I swear, the little creep lived to turn me down.


Unknown said...

Hi there: Is this a photo of Alice Munro? If so, is it copyrighted?

I am publishing an essay on Alice Munro in a little pamphlet and this might make a nice cover.

Please advise,

Gail Chiarello
Workwomans Press, Seattle

Writer, Rejected said...

It's a clip from the New York Times.
If you need a real photo of her, you should probably contact her agent.