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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crapometer Rejection Deletion

So, I was cruising some literary blogs this evening, and I stopped in to see what was up at Crapometer, a blog about which I am ambivalent for obvious reasons. I wrote a long critique of some poor writer's query that ended up really being a long defense against what was turning into a bloodbath over there, but then, I don't know, I felt kind of nauseated joining in at all, and so I deleted my crap from the post and just wrote: "Zam--you guys are tough." Figuring my blog address would justify my point of view, which is that obviously I'm a little sensitive about the mean critique as a way of doing business.

I guess I really should have not posted at all because very soon thereafter, Elektra at Crapometer posted on my blog a cutting little: "Come back some time when you really want to critique, rather than spam," or something like that, and then deleted the message, so that it would be for my eyes only (I guess). She also deleted my comment on her blog, which granted she has every right to do. But what's up with that? If it's not the kind of comment she wants, she deletes and makes accusations? What a weird blogging world. Anyway, live and let live. And I sure learned a lesson, being new to all this.

But I wish them well over there, and if writers want to post their queries in order to get beaten black and blue, then more power to them. I only allow beatings by professionals, and only when necessary. BTW, I took crapometer off my blogroll.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone submits work to the Crapometer expecting pink hearts and fuzzy bunnies. Yeah, it's tough, but then so is publishing ... as I know you've noticed.

What good will fluffy comments and empty praise do when the "real world" will see the flaws in a piece and smash it flat? When editors and agents reject the product of years based on the first sentence? At least the commenters at the Crapometer give reasons.

I think if you'd posted your original critique, or something constructive about the query, Elektra would not have deleted your comment. I think you took this way too personally, just like I think you take your rejections way too personally. (Some of your rejections say very nice things and all you do is make sour comments like a spoiled brat. I would be happy if my writing had such nice things said about it, even if it were on a rejection.)

>> I only allow beatings by professionals, and only when necessary.

What a sniffy, presumptuous thing to say. Maybe if you allowed "beatings" by amateurs, the professionals wouldn't have a reason to enthusiastically get out the whips.

I am shocked - shocked - that you get so much fodder for your rejection blog.

Writer, Rejected said...