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Friday, June 29, 2007

Maria Massie Gets Gold Star

Here is an example of a decent, well-considered rejection. Maria Massie writes: "Thank you for letting me consider [title of novel]. You are clearly a very talented writer, there is so much to be admired here. That said, I just didn't connect with the story as I'd hoped. In this tough literary market, you need an agent who will give your book the full enthusiasm it so richly deserves and I just don't think I'd be the best representative for your work. I'm sorry to disappoint you, and to pass on a book by a writer of your talents. I'm very glad to hear that you have found interest elsewhere and wish you every success with this project." Granted, she was pretty much off the hook, anyway, because I'd ended up choosing my current agent, while she was still busy rejecting me (mutual feelings of no-connection, I guess), so maybe this doesn't quite count. But her rejection deserves praise; it is personal without going overboard, and there's no blame, except on the market. We just didn't connect. As it is in love; it is in literature. No chemistry. That's cool. I give Marie Massie a gold star for tact and for not feeling compelled to comment on her or my sexual orientation, fertility preferences, and/or abilities to fall in love.


Anonymous said...

What about Massie's tendency toward the comma splice? Gold stars shouldn't go to sloppy grammar.

Writer, Rejected said...

Lol. I wasn't going to mention.

Anonymous said...

I emailed Maria in Feb 2013 and got an immediate request for a full. After four weeks, another agent requested a full. I went back to LMQ, Maria's agency, and asked if they were ok with me submiting elsewhere. They responded immediately and said I could submit elsewher. They also offered that my manuscript was 'still under review', explained they would have a decision 'in the coming weeks', and explicitly said "be assured you will hear as soon as we have a decision, either postive or negative". After several months, in August, I sent them a nudge and got ignored. After another month, I sent anothr nudge and got ignored. I assume they have rejected me. I am disappointed that they explicitly said in more than one email they would notify me and did not do so. I was naive and post this comment so other aspiring authors realize they cannot be so naive.