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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heide Lange to Publish Query Letters?

This agent writes: "I recall how intriguing your initial query letter was and I looked forward to reading about [protagonist's name]. However, I ultimately couldn't immerse myself in your novel." Ultimately Lange liked my query letter better than my novel. Take a note all you writers out there buying into the age-old agent complaint about bad query letters, especially if you are spending money on books about how to write good query letters, especially if those books are being marketed by agents. Note: They get you coming and going.


Anonymous said...

Two words for you, my friend--sour grapes. Aren't you just a little embarressed to put these up on your blog, removing your info (how convenient) but not the agent/editors?

With your poor me attitude, if I were an agent, I wouldn't touch yo with a ten foot barge pole. Grow up--you make other writers look bad. Getting published is hard. Whining, I guess, is easy.

Writer, Rejected said...

Oh, come on. Have a sense of humor!