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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Noah Lukeman, Self-Promoter

Dude has got a weird sensibility. He sends back an automatic email response rejecting your writing, while promoting his own. "In order to help you search for an agent," his rejection says, "we have posted on the internet a free chapter of advice from Mr. Lukeman's e-book HOW TO WRITE A GREAT QUERY LETTER." Actually, my query letter is fine; it's self-important pontification that's giving me trouble.


newton said...

Here's your chance. Send him a rejection letter after reading the 'free chapter' of his book.

You can make it a model of how you would like a rejection letter to look.

Jan Bear said...

I guess I just participated in his self-promotion (thanks for the comment at, but the whole book is available now. We're all self-promoters -- we have to be, because the days of wealthy patronage are long over. The real question is whether it's a good book. I can't say for myself, because I haven't had a chance to read it.

Good luck with yours.

Unknown said...

I'm normally nauseated by self-promotion but honestly this doesn't strike me as that bad.
I mean, it's an e-book for chrissakes, that's not exactly tooting your own horn