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Thursday, August 23, 2007

LuLu TP Campaign

Here's another idea for what to do with your literary rejections in case you don't wish to send them to this blog for anonymous posting. Apparently the idea comes from Winston Churchill, who is said to have written in reply to an unpleasant letter: "Dear Sir, I am in the smallest room of the house. I have your letter before me. Soon it will be behind me." You've got to hand it to the LuLu-ites; they are clever if nothing else.


Steve said...

That's pretty good. But Wow! 90 bucks seems kinda steep! How ironic that offers themselves as a solution to the publishing dilemna and at the same time is willing to take financial advantage of the struggling writer.

And I'm a Lulu-ite, having published my first novel with them because of being rejected by the traditional houses.

I had a fine experience with them and all, but I think I'll save my 90 bucks for a wiser investment.

Writer, Rejected said...

Steve: Thanks for stopping by and congratulations. Steve's book is called A Voice Above the Din and you can check it out at Amazon, where it is now recently been ranked. Let's all do that and support one of our own.

Steve said...

Thank you so much Writer, Rejected for your support! I'm blushing, really I am!
I like your site, but I'm not sure if I like the idea that even an award winning published author is facing so much rejection from the business. Is there any hope for such liliputins like me? Prob not.

Hey do I know any of your books, or do you purposely not reveal your writing in order to stay anonymous?

Writer, Rejected said...