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Monday, August 6, 2007

Unethical Me?

A person gets desperate, right? Once -- even after I'd been informed that Linda Ascher had left The New Yorker -- I submitted a new story to her in a letter that implied she was slightly more enthusiastic about more work than she really was. I figured she owed me that much for her rude rejection, and I thought it might help me get a foot in the door with whoever the new editor was. But in the end it was the same old kick in the teeth: "Dear Writer, Rejected: Unfortunately Ms. Ascher is no longer with The New Yorker. Thank you for continuing to consider us."

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Anonymous said...

I read Ascher's notes, and did not find them mean. I know rejection hurts, but it's par for the course. That Ascher took care to write personally really speaks volumes about her level of commitment to the magazine and its contributors. I don't think it's fair to punish her for her honesty by characterizing her as rude and mean.

Best of luck.