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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wooden Nicholl

This one came in yesterday's mail. The Nicholl Fellowships are very, very competitive and prestigious. See the little gold statue on the letterhead? That's how prestigious. Unfortunately, I didn't even come close this time to making it as one of the 254 quarterfinalists out of 5,050 entries.

On a related note, however, something good is underway with my film script, but I can't say what just yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me, though. Maybe I can turn all this bad luck around.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Writer Rejected,
I have read all of your blog - rejection letters, your comments, your readers' comments, etc. Your blog is great and a wonderful community service - perhaps a GAK for you? - in helping your peers continue slogging. I'm not a writer; I'm a reader and a buyer of books (nearly said "book buyer" but thought you'd take it wrong). I'm also an artist (painter) and face the same sort of rejections you do in trying to show my work. Couldn't we have taken up plumbing as a vocation and made ourselves popular and wealthy? Well, we arty types wouldn't do anything differently, would we?

I'm waiting for my rejection to arrive for a grant I just applied for. (Yes, I know the rule.) When it arrives, I'll send it to you so you'll have a rejection from an allied field. You'll see it's all the same except that the Rejector(s) don't usually give suggestions for improvement to artists.

You really seem to have started something with your disclosure of actual names and places. I say, let's un-Cheney-fy the world! Enough unnecessary secrecy and hiding in the weeds! I'm following your example and baring it all (in the privacy of my own home, of course).

Thank you for injecting humor into rejection and for riling up all those hard-ass types.