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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Not You, Not You & Not You (2)

Same old story with the fiction contests. They send you an announcement of the winners (not you) in an envelope you addressed and stamped yourself several months earlier. These are rejections with a slightly more impressive letterhead than the last bunch I posted.

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Anonymous said...

They might be a tad impersonal, but at least those contests let the entrants know that they didn't win.

I entered the 2006 contest. After the deadline had well passed, I hadn't heard anything. Then I had to go looking for the results. Were they on the front page of the website? No. Were they on the page giving rules for that year's contest? No. The announcement was buried in the discussion forums. It basically said that none of the entries was prizeworthy so they weren't awarding anything to anybody for that year:

To quote Judge Judy: "Charming."

Not that I'm bitter... :)