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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Book Expo Relief

It's been pretty quiet in publishing lately, as many in the industry were and apparently are still at The ABA, now named Book Expo America (which sounds like some kind of spiritual boot camp for publishers, if you ask me).  But take heart, fellow and sister writers, for this means a temporary respite from rejections for us.  If you want to know who was there, click here for an attendance list.

Also if you have any interest in what goes on at Book Expo, just read the last few days of posts over at Galley Cat, which usually start with a sentence like, "I was talking to [important industry jack-ass] at Book Expo, and....."

UPDATE: There's some less boring stuff on Book Expo over at BoxFox.  Plus you can see what John Fox looks like.  That's interesting.

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