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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why You Are Not Published, My Son

Oh dear, people.  Now you're up against a jolly female African-American God when you try but can't publish your book.  The New York Times discovers the surprise best seller here.  Christian fiction: The Shack.  It's like that angel TV show with Della Reese everyone was watching a few years back, only in book form.  What will they think up next?


Anonymous said...

i guess we can't expect everybody to be reading faulkner, joyce, atwood, and bookfraud.

what i like about the article is that god takes the form of a "jolly african-american woman." is anyone "jolly" anymore? i mean, burl ives was "jolly," and not when he was in "cat on a hot tin roof."

Anonymous said...

everyone knows minorities have every reason to be jolly.

rmellis said...

I'll be really angry if I ever discover God is actually jolly.

This book was published by a company started just for it. Hm, wave of the future??