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Friday, June 27, 2008

Cake Walk

Gawker staffers, who apparently cannot get enough of Sloane Crosley (27 articles on her: damn, enough please!), have posted an amusingly inane video of the author chatting aimlessly about publishing snark.  She argues that it doesn't exist: "The idea of meanness is incredibly immature." (Guess she hasn't walked a mile in our tight shoes; we can talk about mean.)  Then, just in case, she tells all meanies to knock it off. 

And she's published, but you're not?  Egads.


Anonymous said...

Look, she was told there'd be cake, and cake she'll have. Get it? Saccharine, sweet, splenda-filled cake! Damn it! Get away from her with your snark.

This is the stuff of masterpieces!

Writer, Rejected said...

Sarcasm much appreciated here. Oy. What a world! What a crazy publishing world.