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Monday, June 16, 2008

This One Stings!

A "Dear Writer" rejection is a slap in the face when a big-name editor personally agrees to read your finally completed novel, which she did, people; she really did. But the manuscript looks untouched, and clearly this undated, unaddressed form letter by Jr. Perez involved a major house cleaning at the old Tin House.
I don't know why I expected more from the editor whose invitation was a single email grunt with no punctuation or caps: "send in the mail," as if she really couldn't be bothered. (I guess she really couldn't be bothered.) I should have known, and yet somehow hope springs eternal when it comes to thinking this weight around my neck will someday be published.

I believe it will be. Someday. How's that for Monday morning optimism?

1 comment:

E. said...

That sucks out loud.

The TH Web site says they "no longer" accept unagented queries... Did the editor initiate the invitation to submit, or did you send prior to that prohibition? (Or was your agent involved?) Just curious; maybe, if they were in the throes of changing their submissions policy, your ms got swept up in the confusion.

Still, a Dear Writer letter is crass. How hard is it to paste a person's name into a freaking letter? I'm growing weary and suspicious of the eternal Swamped By Submissions excuse.

Sorry that happened to you.