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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Too Sexy For My....Story

An anonymous reader sends in this juicy tidbit, an errant email, which was supposed to be sent from one editor to another at a literary magazine where her story was under consideration. The misguided message was sent to the writer instead.  It said:

Dear Straight Male Editorial Colleague:

I liked this story a lot when I first read it, but I'm afraid all the lesbian talk just got me excited. I'm interested to on your thoughts about the piece. Is there anything here?

Signed, Straight Male Editor in Chief

Says the offended lesbian:  "This was literary fiction, not porn. But these are young guys, who are apparently easily excitable. Ultimately they published the story, but probably because they didn't want an angry dyke on their hands!  (Or else because it was a good story, but who knows?)"


Anonymous said...

Men are horn dogs.

Steve said...

Gee, any chance of posting the story? :)