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Monday, April 21, 2008

Brilliant Colson Whitehead

A funny article about faux-memoirist Margaret B. Jones (aka Seltzer) in New York Magazine's Book/Author Profile section called "Flava of the Month" by Colson Whitehead.
The article totally trumps the faux-journalistic-fiction piece at Esquire about dead Heath Ledger because, well, it's funny, and doesn't wreck the joke with  an apology or excuse for itself.  Totally worth the read.  Go here to check it out.


rmellis said...

I love that!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Esquire.

The mag seems to be ambitious about its "fiction."

Trouble is, its fiction is @$!%.

Example: Latest story by Benjamin Percy. Does it seem horrible to you? Embarrassing even? Not exactly world-class writing, is it. Not exactly Ernest Hemingway, huh.

But there's nowhere else to go. Details, GQ, Ladies Home Journal, Vanity Fair, Cosmo ... all have abandoned fiction. (Of course if Esquire's "fiction" is the standard now, they made good choices.) But why doesn't anyone publish good fiction? I feel like I have fallen into a twilight zone episode, except this one has no commercial breaks or pat ending.

tonya said...

I loved the Whitehead piece too!

Anonymous said...

Ferrets, teats, and a hamster named Chuckles! That piece has it all!

To anon, above: There's always Redbook.