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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not So Brilliant, Dude

Remember the "Eat Shit & Die" Editor, Fence's Rebecca Wolff (who has her own Wikipedia entry), from a few weeks ago? Looks like Fence Magazine Blog is at it again. I actually thought this editor's crudely homemade rejection postcards would be somewhat amusing if they weren't so cliche (see image above for example).  See the the rest here.


z said...

I would think that an editor with such bad taste, such lowbrow humor, and such poor writing skills would want to hide rather than parade her flaws in the very arena in which she is supposed to be an expert. She is either in a self-destructive manic phase of bipolar disorder (for her sake that would be the positive excuse; at least it responds to medication) or is just so secure in her job, perhaps related to or in some other close contact with her boss, to be absolutely certain she will never be fired. This is truly a psychological thriller to me. Waiting for Chapter Three.

E. said...

I think this was posted by a guest editor; in the preamble, there's a line that says something like, "I know Rebecca will shoot this down." And at the end of the images (yes, I held my nose and read all the way through) something about it being the end of the poster's week as guest editor.

At any rate, it's Monday and it's still there, so Rebecca must either be tuned out or have made the decision that it's good, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha @ writer reading, RE: witty commentary.

I agree that La Wolff has something up her butt. Hard to put one's finger on what it is, though. (But then, why would anyone want to?)

Let's just wait for Ch. III together in delicious anticipation, shall we?