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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's Up with Del Sol Review?

Here's a literary magazine that seems to have gotten stalled in Spring 2007.  Del Sol Review has the following mission:

The goal of Del Sol Review is to publish the best work available anywhere, and only the best work. We do not compromise the publication due to political considerations, and we do not publish inferior work simply because a "name" tag comes attached. We do not publish writers because of their connections to us or anyone else. We reject such activities as harmful to the art. We publish a new issue only when we deem it ready.

We need more places like this to reject us.  Anybody know if edition #15 is ever coming out?  I'm sick of reading the same stories and looking at the same pictures.  Have they gone under?


JohnFox said...

Duotrope reports that someone got a rejection on March 22, 2008, so someone is still rejecting, at least. But with only four reports in the last year, it seems like Del Sol is going under.

Anonymous said...

I sent them a submission in June '06, waited a year without word, sent a query in June of '07, and got this note:

I recently experienced a devistationg loss in my family so I am a bit
behind scehdule. I hope to finish reading through submissions shortly.

One year later and I haven't heard a peep. I'd say it's dead.

Anonymous said...

I've been accepted for the next issue, which was supposed to be this past winter. I'm afraid to write and ask what's going on, but really I should free up that story if they are just going to take it to the grave with them. It's too bad, getting an acceptance by a review that's not publishing. I guess that's like getting a de facto rejection. I can't win!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of these literary reviews having the same mission statement. It's stupid. Who the hell seeks to publish the worst stuff? If they don't publish well-known authors, then that hurts their credibility. Who publishes work just because an author is connected? If it's good, then it's good. Connections are completely valid.

All these supposed iconoclastic literary reviews are trite.

Do you want to be seriously unique? How about paying the fucking writer's a decent amount? How about at least more than the cover price of a single issue to start?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are ALL powerful W,R. Del Sol Review updated its content. Pretty good stories, too!