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Sunday, July 1, 2007

...And Then Emma Sweeney Kept My Book

No sugar coating here. Emma Sweeney writes: "I had started your book and was having a problem with the narrative voice--it wasn't engaging because it was so intrusive." (Wowser; but what did you really think?) I had some big back and forth with this agent for a while, but the letters are really too annoying to post. Eventually, she insisted on having a copy of my published book of stories, which she later neglected to return, and then stopped writing me back when I bugged her about it, until finally someone in the agency sent me an email to say my book was lost forever. But don't worry about it, or anything. Despite the fact that the damn thing is out of print, I always reserve a few copies to throw away on agents who string me along heartlessly. Consider it a parting gift.


Anonymous said...

I think she lost my book too once. Or someone did. Maybe not Emma Sweeny. I can't really keep them straight. But anyway don't you wonder what the inside of some of these agencies look like? (My agent's office is very nice and neat and I bet he never loses people's work.) But some of them really sound like a mess. I imagine stacks of unread manuscripts with bagel crumbs and coffee stains and a penned-in corner where they throw away previous author books like trash.

Anonymous said...

yo. cognitively text.