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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jane Dystel's Friend to the Rescue

Got the following comment yesterday. Looks like I touched a nerve:

"You're kidding me here...right? Seeeeriously, Jan, (you're Jan Brady, right?) if Jane Dystel turned you down, it was because she didn't think your "epic, moving, diatribe," was right for her. It's not personal - but you sure are petty. Get. Over. It. Move on! Stop sniffling over Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!I know Jane personally, she has impeccable taste and she's been in the biz looooooong before YOU came along. But you're right...."whine, whine, whine...wha..wha..wha..poor me got a rejection!" My god, GROW UP! If you got an agent and you got a book deal - then go write something productive, cuz this is just a waste of time for my eyes to read."

Dude, you read the post wrong; Jane Dystel never rejected me personally. Still, I take you at your word; I'm sure she is a lovely lady, as are most of the editors and agents who turn us down on a regular basis. This isn't a moral judgment; it's just a little steam we're letting off about a tanking system that has become absurd. Anyway, I absolutely adore your extended 70's-sitcom metaphor. It's pure genius! Do you write novels?


Anonymous said...

Be honest- do you iron your hair?

Anonymous said...

Be honest. You're really Alice, the House Keeper.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jane Dystel appreciates her anonymous friend who apparently didn't read WR's actual post but just wanted to talk about the Brady Bunch.

"Oh, my nose." Does that make sense? We can all quote the Brady Bunch, but whatev.