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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Junker Refuses to Oppose Ahern

Howard Junker sent me the following email message: "thank you but i decline to dethrone Queen Ahearne [sic], and if elected i will abdicate. or abscond, whichever comes first. in any case, i will kick the ass of anyone who thinks, falsely, that they once stole my potato chips. " (Apparently, the caps lock key on his computer is also broken.)

Thoughts on the matter: 1) Members of publishing royalty stick together. 2) These people live to reject me...for whatever, not even writing this time. 3) I think Junker surmised that he wasn't going to win (the popular vote was leaning in the other direction); so this was a good tactic to avoid rejection. Maybe we should all withdraw our projects and refuse to participate? 4) Still, Junker is a good sport.


The Quoibler said...

Okay, I have to admit that I am starting to like this guy. He has a sense of humor and he isn't really slamming anybody in this note. I think other "professional rejectors" would have been much snarkier.

Can we give Junker some other award? An NT (nice try) or NTB (not too bad) or NHPCS (never had potato chips stolen)?


Writer, Rejected said...

I know. He's okay. Your comment brings up a good point: Awards for sheer decency. think that means the whole biz is in big trouble, no?

Anonymous said...

He's a weenie for pulling out. Is that even possible? Can you withdraw a nomination, say, from a Pulitzer or Oscar? I think he should have to stay in the race, but not win it. Am I too mean?

Anonymous said...

Let's give him the GAK and MAKE HIM TAKE IT!!!!

Writer, Rejected said...

Hey, no violence on this blog, Mean Anon! Go to the writer's mafia blog or the author's thug blog for that kind of business. We are peaceful, rejected people here. We shall not force a GAK! on anyone. Not even Howard Junker.