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Monday, July 9, 2007

Black Out

More grumbling from the anonymice on this blog. One anonymous writes: "I've read numerous comments on this blog. I've read lots of very good arguments for Writer, Rejected to black out the names of the editors, and not a single argument, good, bad, or indifferent, for leaving the names. So, WR, allow me to pose a question: why do you leave them unblacked?"

Did you ever go to one of those sites where anonymous students rate their teachers who are listed by name, subject, and school? Little squirts giving the teacher a grade and leaving a pithy evaluatory comment, so other students can use the information if they deem it valuable?

An example of a powerless underclass banding together, speaking up, and being heard? Or an exercise in futility? Who knows. But that's the idea, mice. Don't worry so much.


Anonymous said...

Well, that actually clears a lot up. Because 99% of the kids who post on those sites do so only because they were shitty students and earned a bad grade in a class and they want to be petty and slam the teachers as revenge. The kids getting the good grades usually don't have time to use sites like that.

Nice dose of self pity though, with the "powerless underclass" bit. Clearly, you're not published because the mean editorial overlords are threatened by your geeeeeeenius, and not because your writing is flawed.

Writer, Rejected said...

1) That I'm a shitty writer is definitely a conclusion to be drawn. But I don't think it's true.
2) That I'm a shitty person. Maybe. Though I try not to be and there is evidence to the contrary.
3) That all teachers are good and being lied about and all students are bad and lying seems a dim view of modern education and is probably not true
4) That editors and agents are helpless and getting slammed? I think "the editorial overlords" (nice phrase, thank you) can take a little ribbing. I think 99% of them have done their job well and would send the same rejection again.
5) That there's something wrong with the big picture. Let's take a look at that.

I wish you peace and love today, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Geez. She reminds me of Mrs. Smith, my 6th grade teacher, to whom I would give an F. Why are you bowing and scraping to these idiots? The blog is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I graded someone on Rate My Teacher once and wrote something nice. Anyway, you spelled genius wrong.