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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Literary Fantasy #4

Me and Rosemary Ahern are taking a little detour on my globe-trotting book tour to make a pilgrimage to Vatican City in honor of Flannery O'Connor.
"In 1958, O'Connor traveled to Europe to be blessed by Pius Xll," Rosemary says when we are midflight over the Atlantic. "She had lupus, but her family never told her. Isn't that sad?"
I consider all that is unfair in this crazy world, including secrets and families and all forms of rejection. "Everything that rises...." I sigh.
Rosemary smiles wistfully and looks out the window.
"Amen to convergence, Doodles," she says. "Amen indeed."


Anonymous said...

who is Rosemary Ahern? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

An editor at Washington Square Press, but I think she's now at the Other Press. Follow the links on the post.