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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hemingway Rejection

Author and granddaughter of "Papa" himself, Lorian Hemingway runs a pretty nice little short story competition every year. I find her rejection letters to be painfully nice and strangely comforting. She writes: "It is difficult to express how much your stroies mean to me. I know from my own experience what a risk it is to send a story out to someone you have never met, and to trust that person with the heart of your writing. Knowing the trust you have put in me brings a certain sense of sanctity to the reading of your stories, and I emerge from it touched by a new perspective on the human experience."


Mike Beversluis said...

Someone needs to start an Hemingwayesque rejection letter contest. If it's over six words, you lose.

Writer, Rejected said...

She does go on a bit, doesn't she?