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Friday, July 20, 2007

Eat All Your Veggies, Too

Carve Magazine has a new editor who apparently used to be my 5th grade teacher: "Remember, editorial decisions are very subjective, so continue writing and you will find a home for your fiction."


Unknown said...

Sometimes I hate "nice" comments the most because they sound so condescending. Having said that, I wish I had kept my "favorites" to send along instead of sticking them in the trash (not my first choice for where to stick them). One was stapled to the front of my piece––a form letter(?). It was simply the word SORRY running in all different directions. If not for the return address on the envelope I wouldn't have known who it was from.

The other was my cover letter returned with "Sorry, no" scribbled in red––yes red––at the top. As though it were some inter-office memo.

Amelie said...

A home for your fiction ... tell that to the millions of unwanted fiction manuscripts waiting for a nice family to adopt them.

Jacob Weber said...

I was just about to send this very rejection into LROD. I think it's a pretty good form rejection. It lets you know you failed in the first sentence, and it acknowledges they might have gotten it wrong. Carve also has a "REJECT!" portion, where if you get published elsewhere, you can come back and rub it in their faces. Or, just shrug your shoulders at what a funny ole world it is.