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Monday, July 2, 2007

No, Really. Don't Bother

No word from Google Abuse. What now?

I guess I'll wait until after the holiday to write again, or try another avenue. I really want to get the banner ad thing straightened out for reasons I have detailed elsewhere on this blog. What if I were really being abused, would Google simply decide not to write back? That seems like negoogligence.

It reminds me of the following agents, who just didn't bother ever to respond:
  • Elyse Cheney
  • Gail Hochman

Please feel free to add to the list if you've experienced agent negoogligence yourself.


Anonymous said...

Not many people use these links, or even click on them to find out what they are. I'd bet that for the overwhelming majority of blog readers they are just something filling up the margins of the page.

Please don't stop writing because of a silly google ad!

Writer, Rejected said...

Um, hey, thanks for the encouragement. But probably it would be the 10 MILLION REJECTIONS I've gotten in my lifetime that would stop me from writing, not the google banner ad.

Anonymous said...
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