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Friday, April 11, 2008

Even the Movies Say No

It's nearly impossible to win a Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, but I thought I'd send this rejection up the flag pole just the same. Maybe we should discuss the movies: adaptations, independent projects, our stories imprinted on celluloid? I've actually only ever written one screenplay, an adaptation of a short story of mine, which is maybe, possibly, potentially, feasibly, if-the-moon-is-in-the-right-house currently under development. We'll see. Finalizing the script is a strange and slightly uncomfortable process with lots of people involved (though luckily, I am the only writer), but exciting just the same. I think the odds in the movies may be even worse than the odds for getting a book published, so I feel pretty lucky even just to be on the fringes of the process. And of course it all happened by chance.


Anonymous said...

It's not like you, WR, to be so grateful and self-disclosing. What's going on here? Optimism! Bah.

Writer, Rejected said...

You may be right. What's happening to me?