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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get with the Scary Times, People!

I get an email every other day from the bozos over at Narrative Magazine announcing this and that: contests, featured writers, opportunities to hobnob with literary flames, or whatever they happen to be hawking.  
I was particularly struck by today's email featuring the Story of the Week, which invites writers to send in work and perhaps get chosen for a spotlight. The promo reads: "We love finding and promoting well-written stories by talented here to submit!"  This week's feature is "The Story of an Hour" by KATE CHOPIN!  Excuse me?  That's right...Kate Chopin! (Did she rise from her 100-year-old grave to submit?  Did they discover her...all over again? )  

Not that we shouldn't read classics, but....people, hello?!  

We are facing the worst economic crisis of our lives, perhaps of all times. Books are going to dive so far into the toilet that we all better learn how to breathe underwater when flushed down, or else give up now. Couldn't Narrative Magazine have picked some brave new voice from today? How about a little relevancy to bring literature back into good standing? We need leaders on every level now.  How about it?


Anonymous said...

Yes WR, I returned. Because there simply aren't enough female writers out there. Look for my stories to be published in all of the magazines you submit to at great personal expense (they waive the fees for me of course, saying my money is the wrong size and smells funny). I'll be entering comps too. I figure, what the hey? So watch out Jacob Appel, there's a new old gal in town. Yessir.

Anonymous said...

I survived Hurricane Katrina too. It was very liberating.

nanette rayman rivera said...

I agree about Narrative. Sick of them sending me emails with BORING stories, while they reject mine chock full of drugs, mental illness, love, sex, weddings, etc.


what do you mean there is a shortage of female writers?? Are you kidding? Maybe publishers and lit agents don't like female writers who state the truth and aren't politically correct.