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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sorry, We Only Publish Fakes

Here's a story you can find in full over at A Salted Blog.  Seems the writer sent out a flash fiction piece to an unnamed literary journal, and got a rejection back immediately.  Says the writer, "The editor said he didn't like it, he thought it was unrefined and sloppy writing that needed revision. Right. Cheers. Anyway, I thought he was a bit rude, but assumed he is a young dude trying to make a name as a fearsome editor of scrupulously worded fiction. I told a writer friend, who went to a greeking generator and mixed up some chunks of random text with expletives, and sent it to the editor along with a preposterous bio."  Long story short, the editor published the bunk piece of writing.  Alas, they do love the f-word.


The Rejection Queen said...

Hmmm...the f word. To f word or not to f word.

Anonymous said...

I'm the "writer friend" mentioned on asalted - just thought I'd set a bit of context here, anonymously because the editor in question has actually asked for four or five more pieces for on e-book, so I'm going to string this along for a little while. Click on Hillbilly Greeker above and you should be taken to the website used to generate the nonsense text. The 'greeking' you see is pretty much identical to what was published, with a little added coarseness (certainly no added craft).

Anonymous said...

does the journal have an "o" anywhere in its name?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? That is hog wild.

I have to say that the last couple of days / posts have been blowing my mind. What will be next, dare I ask/hope?

Anonymous said...

[[...does the journal have an "o" anywhere in its name?...]]

Indeed it does. But don't tell anyone! Not yet.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to do more of this.

An all-out assault on the b.s. regime of academic "literary" publishing.

None of these editors pick what is really good (most or maybe all are "moral relativists" and can't even tell what is good). They go after what's fashionable and safe - so give them made-up crap with lots of vulgarity and sex and give yourself some stupid academic creds.

Let's show these filthy rats for what they are. Expose their ugliness to all the world.