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Monday, October 13, 2008

Is This Man Behind Your Literary Journal?

We've been bashing Narrative Magazines a bit ourselves lately, but this post from HTMLGiant really goes to town.  The title of the post?  "Narrative Magazine is Edited by George W. Bush."  (If you read any other posts on this dude's site, you will have to confront some intensely offensive vitriol, so please be warned.)

Here's the article's conclusion, a highlight:

"I really feel disgusted. I won’t even get into the content-wise shitting on Narrative that I was going to get into, about how they only seem to publish a very specific kind of writing by a certain sect of people, but since I don’t feel like joining the site and signing in, that will have to be gleaned by just looking at the front page."


The Rejection Queen said...

George Bush is a moron.

Steve said...

we do name-call here, rejection queen.

Anonymous said...

I don't get (your) whole rejection thing. But the pics are cool. I guess.

Writer, Rejected said...

What's to get? I am rejected often, I post it here. Other writers are rejected often, they post theirs here. Sometimes we try to figure out why (i.e., publishing industry's failure or our shitty writing). Mostly, though, we just complain and seek comfort. Simple.