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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rejection Quiz: How Good Are you?

Fun Trivia has a quiz you can take on literary rejection here.  Guess the topic is becoming glitzy, my friends. It's kind of fun, though.


Anonymous said...

It would be better (i.e. funnier and more interesting) if she'd compiled more ACTUAL rejections of famous works.

The Rejection Queen said...

Too bad I really don't know any of those lol

Anonymous said...

Queen, what do you read?
You have to be downright ignorant, literary-wise, not to know the answer to every question.
But ignorance is the state of the literary world -- even our so-called "writers" only read the crapola being foisted on us today.
Well, not all of us; not me.
Which reminds me, Rejected, what's your decision on the Book Club?

Unknown said...

Anonymous #2: How I've missed you! You and your misanthropy!

Fun little quiz. I never read Mayor of Casterbridge, oh well.

The Rejection Queen said...


I read chick books. There's your answer.