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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Horse of A Different Color

There's a funny rejection letter at Shelly Lowenkopf's Blog purportedly from Blogger dot com, which is worth considering.* Here's an excerpt:

"Our panel of Peer Review Bloggers has made frequent visits to your site, hopeful of pinpointing some trend either in your use of graphics or language or a combination of both that would allow them to offer you specific, positive suggestions for increasing your traffic.

One of our panel of Peer Review Bloggers, upon returning from your site, left his work area and we have not heard from her since. Two others fell asleep as a consequence of visiting your site, and yet another simply refused to talk about the experience: he simply said "I don't want to talk about it." Of those remaining Peer Reviewers, one is now being treated for amnesia and another is in the Blogger dot com anger management program.

The only clue we found that might address the source of your problem seemed embedded in the subtitle of your blog site, which purports to be in some way about the process of writing. Our demographic studies lead us to conclude that readers do not have any interest in problems or discussions related to writing. They would rather have information on something more specific such as which fish bite at which bait, where to get the best prices on sushi, and which persons in a specific neighborhood may have been married more than three times, which in many states is simply too much.

....We try our best to help bloggers, but not all of us have the temperament or indeed the talent for blogging. If you visit us at the Blogger dot com site and click on the menu choice Help, you will be directed to our Recovery Group Online Sessions, which can help you move beyond not having the make-up for blogging and introduce you to the challenging world of online games."

*Courtesy of the Individual Voice.


z said...

It has come that low to many of us bloggers as well. Are we even popular enough as bloggers? The ultimate humiliation. No editors to blame.

Writer, Rejected said...

I stopped following popularity when Technorati got all hinky with its ratings of authority. Everyone's ratings went down (except for yours TIV, which is phenomonally high: you are, like, in the top 50,000 blogs. People must link to you daily. That is very cool. And it seems to me, there is no egg on your blogging face.