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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Literary People Magazine?

There's a nice blurb on LROD over at BookFox. Here's an excerpt:

"I can't help but like Literary Rejections on Display. I mean, it's like the literary equivalent of a guilty pleasure, like reading People magazine. How fun is it to complain about getting an anonymous rejection slip by some editor in under 48 hours? Even when I disagree with the posts, I still like them and laugh or sympathize. As an editor of a literary journal who parcels out quite a few rejections myself, I have a firm belief that editors know their business and know what belongs in their journal. Perhaps I tell myself that to make myself feel right about rejecting stories, or to make myself feel better about getting rejected (yes, being stoical is the key). But mosey on over and enjoy the litany of complaints and whines."

Thanks, Foxy John, we like People, too.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of related but unrelated -- I just took a look at BookFox and followed the link that is in the next paragraph after the LROD one you quoted above. From the Willesden Herald: "Common faults in short stories submitted". Definitely worth a read!