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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Backdoor for Me, Thank You

Got this crazy money-suck offer in my mail box today. I think it answers the questions raised lately about how things work over at Narrative Magazine. There does appear to be the cultivation of an entire caste system of writing, where only the lowly pay. Here, you can invest cash to hang out with cool writers, the main attraction.

Seems a little unseemly to me. What do you guys think -- legit or lame?


Anonymous said...

BEWARE any magazine that makes you pay, plus runs an editing service. And features famous writer friends. Are they REALLY out to discover new voices, give unknown/unconnected writers a break, and nurture promising talent? I would watch out.

Anonymous said...

Nosiree. They are out to make money. It's clear as a bell, a narrative, money-making bell.

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to pay to hear Robert Olen Butler read one of his stories when I can listen to him for free on NPR, defending the world's worst e-mail?

And I don't like how breathy Richard Rodriguez gets when he's narrating his picture-essays on the PBS Newshour....Did anybody catch his latest attempt? Wow, another dude named Richard Rodriguez was killed on 9/11. Oh, the humanity.

Narrative magazine, you are el diablo.

rmellis said...

I think that's gross. And I'll go on record saying so.

If I ever get famous and do crap like this, slap me!

Anonymous said...