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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jacob Appel Tells Kelly (not Elliot) Spitzer A Thing or Two About LROD

Kelly Spitzer (pictured left) tries to stir things up for LROD again, this time with LROD's patron saint Jacob Appel over in the  "Writers in Profile" section of her blog, which you should check out.  (BTW, LROD's other patron saint is Rosemary Ahern, leading me to the obvious conclusion that someone else we know and love probably deserves a GAK award).  In his way, Mr. A is totally unflappable.

Here's what he tells Spitzer:

"I was both flattered and highly surprised when I was first contacted by Literary Rejections on Display. The truth is that there are a number of other writers who have won as many, if not far more, contests than I have. I suppose the anonymous curator of Literary Rejections on Display is particularly attuned to spotting my by-line….sort of how, if you learn an obscure foreign language, you suddenly discover that many other people also speak it. (I studied Dutch for many years and it shocked me that “everybody” seemed to speak Dutch, while the reality was that I was hyper-sensitive to noticing those few who did.) I do think that Literary Rejections on Display is a delightful, entertaining and witty website. I am looking forward to the day when Writer, Rejected sheds his or her anonymity so that I can invite this genius to lunch. However, I confess I haven’t spent much time reading the comments on the site. I’ve come to understand that some are less flattering than others….but I try not to take that to heart. I recognize that there are people out there who don’t care for my writing. I assure them that I’m still learning and improving–and I do hope that someday I’ll write something that suits their standards and tastes. I am also hopeful that there will someday be a parallel blog named Literary Acceptances on Display, and that I’ll be mentioned there as well."


E. said...

Man. A gracious gentleman indeed.

I think HE should debate Palin tomorrow night. (Aside: How come no one's calling Palin on insulting and condescending to Biden, which she does every three minutes? Why is Biden the one who has to suffer her ridiculousity with a smile? To me, that's more condescending/sexist than ripping her would be.)

W,R -- you must reveal yourself to the dreamy JA and tell us all about lunch!


Anonymous said...

Jacob Appel is a gracious guy! I like his attitude. And his writing! :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding that revolver...
The question, Rejected, is why your blog has gone into a decline in the past month.
Because it's totally Dullsville now.
No "juice."

rmellis said...

Blogs have peaks and valleys. Unless a person gets paid for blogging, they can't devote full attention to it, all the time.

I bet WR is getting some writing done.

Writer, Rejected said...

They yell at me when I blog too much because I should be writing....They yell at me when I blog too little (or without enough pizazz) because it's too boring for them. It's like growing up with my family all over again. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's because you suck and you're just a rejected loser.

Anonymous said...

I didn't make myself clear.
Your still plugging along, Rejected, but you've lost your audience - at least those with strong (and interesting, controversial) opinions. Now you have Pablum (and not much of that).
To support my point: those two comments about the Evans' interview.
That's the decline I'm referring to, and I wonder what caused it?
By the way, it's my belief that you post under various names, including Anonymous. To "pad" your POV.

Writer, Rejected said...

Right, like for instance, you are really me, trying to goad some interesting responses out of this boring shit you call a blog. But then that's confusing, isn't it? You being me. Maybe my negative alter ego who often thinks this blog sucks. It's like Fight Club. Maybe that's what I should do with the gun.

Anonymous said...

The last "Anonymous" needs to go back to high school and learn the difference between "your" and "you're". Trying to give bad attitude while beginning a sentence with a basic grammatical error is just sad.

Not as sad as some things I'm a seein' these days on Main Street, you betcha, but sad enough.

Writer, Rejected said...

Seriously, did you see her wink at me last night on national television? You're darn tootin' she can call any or all of us "Joe" if she wants ta'. I don't think it's going to get her in the White House.

Anonymous said...

WR: I believe that you do make up comments and masquerade as others. Like, for instance, aren't you really the one who wrote the comments from Ted Genoways, Darin Struass, Howard Junker, and all the others who have come around from the industry to participate at LROD? I mean, those guys seem like real people, but really they are just you! We're all on to you, man!

(What is wrong with people?)

Anonymous said...

W,R is a robot.