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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cranky For Good Reason?

Have you heard of the lit journal Electric Literature?  I hadn't.  But I became interested when blogger Roxane Gay (editor of PANK) dressed them down here for literary arrogance.   


Anonymous said...

ok, so she's mad that electric pays 1,000 bucks a story and are distinguishing themselves (and disparaging others) verbally because of this. well, if i was giving a thousand bucks a story to writers while heavily funded reviews (pick one: Paris, Missouri, Mississippi, etc.) didn't offer nearly as much, i would be distinguishing myself too--for great reason!

also, that ad is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard them disparage anyone, actually.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of bullshit, and what a strange topic for a rant. carping about a lit mag that brags about paying contributors?

earth to roxanne: paying contributors is a good thing and something worth bragging about. paying contributors is the only way to get authors to submit their A stories to you. you are jealous because you can't pay contributors and therefore cannot attract good writers? sorry, that's life.

maryjo said...

i love that they pay what should be today's going rate for a short story.

but honestly? i think the site looks really really dumb. i would never buy a copy.

reading that's "bad" for you? how stupid.

instead of trying to be cool and hip and trendy (like too many journals already), why not try to be *smart*? and look for great writing that's not being printed elsewhere? we need something like that. this won't last.

maryjo said...

ok now i just read the rant on that blog. i don't know what's dumber, that blogger or the concept behind this magazine. that blogger thought their ads were *sexy*? they made me blush not because i thought it was "sexy" but because i couldn't believe how lame they were! oh dear. that rant was pathetic. i am beginning to think that it's time to reboot the internet and start over.