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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not On Our Premises

This one says:  Dear Contestant: Thank you for entering the eighth "On the Premises" short story contest.  Ten stories were selected as finalists.  We're sorry to have to inform you that yours was not among them.  The ninth short story contest will begin the same day our eighth issue is published July 13th, or thereabouts).  Look for it, and keep on writing!  Wonder how much the entry fee is each year.  It's a good racket, if you can get people to pay.

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Tarl Kudrick said...

Dear Writer:

As we prominently state on our web site, On The Premises does not charge authors to enter its contests. Nor do we charge them for publication.

"Preditors and Editors" already checked us out and found us on the level. And if you don't believe me OR them, why not write to any of the 40+ authors we've published since March 2007?

We're not in this for the money.

Tarl Roger Kudrick
co-publisher and chief editor of
On The Premises magazine