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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear Miss Horlbeck

This rejection is from the archives of 1936. Apparently the Real America ("The Outspoken Magazine") was once so outspoken as to leave out the noun in the customary noun/verb syntactical formulation known as the complete sentence. I kind of like it though, as it certainly allows the editor to evade responsibility, similar to how Daddy George Bush delivered his speeches. No "I" necessary! "Enjoyed reading....Suggest you try." Very cordial and removed. Also, I wonder if the comment in the top right corner is the name of Miss Horlbeck's story, or a description of her general outlook for getting published.


Anonymous said...

I miss typewriters. I wonder if as many people would be attempting to be professional writers if we still had to use them.

Anonymous said...

The Devil is in that rejection's details. 666 Lake Shore Drive? What the hell?

pwlsax said...

Is the "understood I" really all that unusual these days?