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Friday, July 10, 2009

Your Rejection Only Makes Me Dance

A publisher accidentally sent Susan Messer private notes about a manuscript. Once she recovered from her devastation, she decided to turn the hurtful words into a performance piece entitled, "Rejection Rhumba." The sound is muffled, but you get the idea.


Susan Messer said...

Hey, thanks for picking up on this and posting. I'll always remember how humiliated I felt when I opened that envelope from the lit mag. I hid it in my office, didn't tell anyone about it. Then, a few days later, still stewing about it, I realized that I hadn't done anything wrong. I'd simply submitted a short story to a magazine. Then the idea for a response began to take shape.

Writer, Rejected said...

Well, over here at LROD we love you.

I wonder if this post about an unfortunate incident with some readers at the Virginia Quarterly Review helps explain that sometimes readers and editors just get drunk with meanness: Oopsy VQR

Anyway, you have plenty of company.

Susan Messer said...

Yes to all, and thanks again (that photo of the pumpkin is amazing). And despite it all, some of us persevere. I just had my first novel published (Grand River and Joy from University of Michigan Press), and the painful rejection experiences are way-stops along the path. I hope you won't mind a plug.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you are a wonderfuland classy person. What a beautiful way to come back after being knocked down. Best of luck to you and your first novel's success!