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Friday, July 24, 2009

Rejection Wouldn't Hurt So Bad if Only You Had a Secretary

Cloud of Witness Blog recaps the 24 rejections John Grisham received for his book  A Time to Kill. Reports the blogger from an old interview of Grisham's:  "The first dozen publishing companies and about the same number of agents all sent their regrets. Through it all, though, Grisham said he never got depressed. “I never thought of quitting. My attitude was: ‘What the heck, let’s have some fun.’


The Rejection Queen said...

btw, I HATED that movie.

Writer, Rejected said...

You and Mary Gaitskill who wrote the short story on which it was based. I did not hate it, but was interested in how much they changed it from the original piece.

The Rejection Queen said...

Of course they had to go and botch the whole thing. Such a shame. Maybe it's because I can't stand looking at Baggie Maggie.

rmellis said...

I liked it!!

Anonymous said...

was A Time to Kill rejected after or before he had published other books? i'd be floored if it was after.

i liked the movie and the story. but what's so baggy about maggie, other than the cheeks? everyone gets saddle bag cheeks eventually.

Anonymous said...

Stop the hating. Maggie is awesome!

I liked the movie too, but agree it's very different from the short story, which I only just read.

It's available online: